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Brentwood Karting offers a range of open karting formats and options.

"Great experience, within 45 minutes we were racing"

​​​​​​​Dave Wenner, North London.

Open karting events are for you if you do not have a big enough group to book an exclusive event, but still want to compete in a pre-arranged race format. You will be entered into a race format of your choice, whether it is team based or individual.

You do not need to be experienced as you will receive all the necessary equipment and a full safety instruction briefing. This is a great way to get on the grid and drive in competition style racing with like minded racers.


Individuals or Small Groups


This format is perfect for the first time karter and the experienced racer. First time karters can join in and have great fun getting to know the track and the karts whilst the more experienced racers can use these sessions to hone their skills for their next race.
No minimum group size. 

Up to 18 karts on track.

All sessions are 30 minutes and come with your own personal electronic laptime printouts emailed to you.

Grid starts, podium presentations with bubbly and medals are all available, but not standard.



Family Fun Session

Family Race Session

Adult Race Session


Individual Event


This is an entry level race format for individuals and small groups.

It is the perfect introduction to kart racing both in format and price.

The Challenge 30 starts with a 5 minute practice session and a  10 minute qualifying heat, then it's on to the grid for the 15 minute final.

This will decide who steps on to the podium!!! 

This is our most popular event with less experienced karters.

Podium presentation, trophies and bubbly spray are all included. MAXIMUM 20 DRIVERS


Individual Event

Similar in format to the Challenge 30, but stepping up a notch. This event is popular with more experienced karters as it is a longer format with more racing.

45 minutes in total comprising a 5 minute practice session, a 10 minute qualifying heat and a 30 minute grid start final. This format is ideal for smaller groups of enthusiastic kart racers wanting some full throttle racing competition.

This event comes with all the standard equipment and safety instruction and also includes a podium presentation with bubbly spray and trophies.




Individual Event

We could have called it the "Man of Steel", but I think you get the picture.


This is a full hour of maxxed out kart racing and is perfect for the most experienced racers looking for maximum track time - compete over a 5 minute practice session, 10 minute qualifying session and 45 minute grid start final. Your fitness and stamina will be tested to the limit if you are to get on the podium in this marathon event.




If you prefer the idea of racing in a team format rather than individually then this is for you and your group. The first of our team endurance style events. They are called endurance events based on the non-stop style of racing. 


The "Team 70" is the shortest of our team race formats and offers 70 minutes of fast paced race action from start to finish. Kick off with a 10 minute qualifying session and then it is full throttle at the green light with a 60 minute rolling start final. The team that covers the most laps by the time the chequered flag drops will be crowned champions. All finished off with a podium presentation.


Ideal team size - 2/3

TEAM 105


Similar in format to the Team 70, but with 105 minutes on the track. 


Fight for pole position in a 15 minute qualifying session then the green light for a 90 minute rolling start final.


Strategy and tactics will be key in reaching the podium.


Quick driver changes are a must to take the top step at the podium presentation.



Ideal team size - 3/4

TEAM 140

Now I think you get the picture with these endurance style events.

This 140 is ideal for larger teams of 4 or 5 drivers. Nominate a captain and stick to the plan. Quick driver changes and well thought out strategy and tactics will unlock a podium finish in this, one of the longer formats. 

140 minutes on track starts with a 20 minute practice session. 2 hours of non-stop racing follows & the team that crosses the line in first place at the end of this marathon event truly has a victory to shout about.

Recommended team size - 4/5


Individual Event


This GP event is a fast paced action filled individual event where you will find yourself racing head to head with up to 100 other racers.


This event is not for the faint hearted and is run using our class-leading 270cc SODI race karts capable of speeds in excess of 50mph.








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Do I need a driving licence/special licence to race?